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Capital Loans Scheme


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What is the Capital Loans Scheme?


The scheme provides support for the provision and improvement of community facilities such as village halls and sports changing rooms.


Qualifying organisations can apply for a loan of up to 50% on costs excluding VAT up to a maximum of £10,000. (Interest at 1% above the base rate).

The total amount of funding available each year is £25,000 and applications can be made from 1st March each year.


The scheme works on a first come first served basis.




Who can apply?


  • Parish Councils
  • Community Organisations
  • Non for profit clubs
  • Religious buildings (where a facility is available for wider community use)

What types of project qualify for support?


Providing new community facilities -

  • Purchase of land to provide new facilities
  • Building a new village hall or community building
  • Purchase and conversion of existing building
  • New sports pavilions and changing facilities
  • New car park
  • New disabled facilities
  • New playground (surface and fixed play equipment)
  • New playing fields
  • New skate park

Improving community facilities -

  • Extensions to existing buildings
  • Central heating fitted for the first time
  • Security/crime reduction measures
  • Health and safety adaptations
  • Energy efficiency adaptations
  • Drainage to existing playing field
  • Safety surface to existing playground or replacement of unsafe play equipment with fixed play equipment
  • Replacement of an existing facility/building to bring up to standard
  • Modernisation of existing kitchens if not to regulation standards
  • General refurbishment




What is not covered under the scheme?


  • Projects that have already started or been committed to cannot be supported 
  • Commercial activities
  • Religious Buildings (those that do not have public facilities attached)
  • Routine maintenance and repair
  • Painting and decorating
  • Projects that have been funded previously through the Capital Loans Scheme within the last 5 years




How to apply and the application process  


   1. Complete Capital Loans Checklist to ensure your project is eligible for the scheme


  1.    2. Complete all sections of a Capital Loans Application form


  1.    3. Submit your checklist and application form from 1st March ensuring you include all relevant documents


   4. We will write to you to confirm we have received your application and you will be given a reference

       number to quote


   5. Your application will be scored against set criteria


   6. You will be notified of the outcome of your application by letter within eight weeks of us receiving the

       application form ensuring that we receive all relevant information




How your application will be determined 


Depending on how the application scores depends on the percentage of grant that will be awarded: (Maximum points is 120)


  •          30 points for proving the need for the project
  •          20 points for consulting with members regarding the project
  •          20 points for evidencing how the project will benefit the community
  •          20 points for evidencing that the organisation have consulted with the community
  •          10 points for explaining how the project will contribute to the council’s plan
  •          10 points for explaining how the project will contribute to South Staffordshire priorities
  •          10 points for demonstrating how the project will be publicised


Scoring totals amount to the following awards:


  •          90 points or over will receive 100% of the amount requested
  •          60-89 points will receive 75% of the amount requested
  •          30-59 points will receive 50% of the amount requested
  •            0-29 points will receive a rejection



Please Note: All applications to the Capital Loans Scheme will need to show how they link into the Council Plan and South Staffordshire Priorities



The full guidance notes and application form can be found below:


Word: Capital Loans Scheme

PDF:    Capital Loans Scheme







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