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The Housing Strategy Team belongs to the Planning and Strategic Services Portfolio and is responsible for the strategic housing responsibilities of the Council.


The team carries out a number of functions, which include:

  • Developing the Council’s Housing Strategy
  • Co-ordinate the delivery of the Housing Strategy with partnership organisations;
  • Developing and delivering the Council’s Affordable Housing Guidance;
  • Co-ordinate the delivery of Affordable Housing with partnership organisations;
  • Collecting, assessing and reviewing data on the local housing market and local housing needs, including supported housing;
  • Commissioning Housing Needs /Housing Market Assessment studies;
  • Working with Private Landlords to promote a healthy private rented sector and improve housing options for our residents;
  • Liaise closely with other strategic housing functions within the Council, including Housing Services and Public Health & Environmental Protection.

General Customer Service Standards

The Housing Strategy Team will meet or exceed the Council’s corporate performance standards, whereby:


  • The Council’s minimum standard for speed of response to answering telephone calls is for 90% of calls to be answered within 4 rings or 11 seconds;
  • The Council’s minimum standard for all letters that require a response to be a full reply or acknowledged within 7 days or between 8 and 14 days for a full reply if previously acknowledged within 7 days;
  • The Council’s minimum standard for replying to emails requiring a response to be made within 24 hours.


In addition to the corporate performance standards the Housing Strategy Team will aim to meet or exceed the following customer service standards:


We will:


  • be polite, courteous and treat all customers with respect;
  • be consistent, fair and efficient when dealing with customers;
  • ensure equality in all services provided by the team irrespective of: gender, marital or family status, religious belief, age, disability, race, ethnicity or nationality and sexual orientation;
  • ensure that all advice or information is presented clearly and honestly and without the use of jargon;
  • ensure that our policies, procedures and strategies are available to customers in a variety of formats upon request;
  • provide accurate and up to date information in relation to strategic housing issues;
  • deal with any complaint you may have in an open, professional and fair manner in line with the Council’s Complaints Policy;
  • provide opportunities to give feedback on the Housing Strategy Service
  • consult widely with internal and external customers and stakeholders on key strategy and policy documents;
  • be available Monday to Friday during the hours of 08:45 to 17:00.


What we expect from you:


  • To treat staff and other customers with courtesy and respect;
  • Not to verbally or physically abuse staff or other customers;
  • Respect the facilities and services provided by the Council.


If you do not abide by the above we will be forced to terminate the phone call or meeting and ask you to leave the building.

Tell us what you think:

We are committed towards providing excellent customer service and are particularly interested in learning your views on how we perform and on our strategies/policies.


If you are unhappy with the service we provide, you have an idea about how we can do better, wish to comment on our strategies/policies, or you are pleased with something we have done please tell us.


We value your comments as they can help us improve and deliver more effective services. We can easily be contacted by using one of the methods below.


Housing Strategy

Strategic Development Services

South Staffordshire Council

Council Offices


South Staffordshire


Telephone: (01902) 696438 or 696631





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