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Montage of images showing elements of Strategic ServicesPortfolio Holder: Cllr R. McCardle

Director of Planning and Strategic Services: Andrew Johnson 

South Staffordshire is located in a strategically important position on the edge of the built up area of the West Midlands Conurbation. The District also retains a unique and distinctive rural character that has become established through the heritage of its natural and built environments.
There are five Service Areas within the Strategic Services Portfolio that play a vital role in supporting the Urban Regeneration/Rural Renaissance of the West Midlands Region and strive to achieve the priorities and vision  of South Staffordshire Council, set out in its new Council Plan 2012-2016 : -
  • Economic Development
    Contributes in particular to the Council Priorities of promoting inward investment, sustaining local business and employment, and to promote South Staffordshire as a tourist destination.


      Activities include: -


          Supporting inward investment

          Working with partners to develop sustainable economic development

          Seeking external funding

          Compiling and maintaining economic data sets

          Responding to and participating in regional and sub-regional economic strategies

  • Local Plans
    Contributes in particular to the Council Priorities of providing good quality affordable housing, promoting inward investment, and sustaining local businesses and employment, whilst also protecting the Green Belt.

    Activities include: -

    Delivering policies in the Local Plans that will help to shape a better environment for South Staffordshire Contributing, through the Local Plan, to the delivery of the Community Strategy Conserving the Green Belt by resisting all inappropriate development throughout the Plan period Monitoring and compiling statistical data Championing transport and rural issues across the District.

  • Housing Strategy
    Contributes in particular to the Corporate Priorities of delivering good quality affordable housing, supporting the ageing population to be healthy and independent, as well as strengthening our rural communities.


      Activities include: -


          Preparing the Council's Housing Strategy and implementing its Action Plan

          Monitoring the performance of the Registered Social Landlords (RSLs)

          Providing more affordable houses within South Staffordshire 

          Delivering the Council’s Homelessness Strategy Action Plan

          Bringing empty properties back into use and providing advice to private landlords


  • Conservation & Design
    Contributes in particular to the Councils' main vision. Which is to make South Staffordshire  a safer and healthier place to live, work and visit with prosperous villages, thriving communities, and a high quality environment. 

    Activities include: -


          Advising on planning applications, for listed  building consent/ applications within conservation areas

          Providing specialist advice  on repairing and maintaining  historic buildings

          Establishing and recording the broad spectrum of the historic environment including ‘buildings at risk’

          Preparing a ‘local list’ of buildings of architectural and historic importance I South Staffordshire

          Commissioning Conservation Area Appraisals and Conservation Area Management Plans

          Providing an efficient and effective graphic design service to all portfolios within the Council

          Championing design issues across the District


  • Landscape Planning Services
    Contributes in particular to the Councils' main vision.Which is to make South Staffordshire  a safer and healthier place to live, work and visit with prosperous villages, thriving communities, and a high quality environment.


You can access all of our Strategic Services by using the menu on the left.  You will be provided with a description of each service as well as information on:

  • How you can access this service
  • Any associated costs
  • Main contact details here at the Council






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