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Tree Preservation Order Administration


Shoal Hill Beech ImageThe Council protects trees within the district by the use of and administration of Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs). Trees can also be protected if they are within a conservation area.


TPOs are used to protect trees (including areas of woodland) where their removal would have a significant impact on the local environment and it's enjoyment by the public. TPOs prohibit the cutting down, uprooting, wilful damage or destruction of trees and any works to a tree(s) protected by a TPO first requires the consent of the Council.


TPOs do not affect the ownership of, or liability for trees on an individual's property.


Requests for Tree Preservation Orders


The Council receives requests to make a TPO from residents of South Staffordshire, who consider that particular trees, which make an important contribution to their locality are under threat. TPOs may also be made as a result of development proposals being submitted to the Council where the retention of existing trees is considered important.
Making a TPO
Before making a TPO the Council's Arboricultural Officer will visit the site in order to assess whether the trees are worthy of protection.
Trees that have major defects, fungal decay and a history of poor management are unlikely to satisfy the criteria for protection.

If the Council decide to make a TPO the Order will be served on all persons with an interest in the land affected by the Order, that is, the owner and occupier of the land on which the tree stands and the owner and occupier of adjacent land, especially if the tree overhangs any boundary.
Orders are often made under Section 198 of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended).
Following the service of the TPO, interested persons have 28 days in which to support or object to the Order. Before the Council decide if the Order should be confirmed all representations will be considered.
Works on Trees protected by a TPO
If you wish to carry out work to a tree protected by a TPO you must first apply to the Council for consent. A standard application form and guidance notes can be downloaded below. Once an application is made, a visit will be made to inspect the tree and we will make a decision within eight weeks of receiving the application.
It is a prosecutable offence to carry out work to a tree protected by a TPO, or remove it, without the prior consent of the Council.


PDF Document: Application form to carry out works on trees (645KB)

PDF Document: Applications and notices for tree works - guidance notes (104KB)

PDF Document: Tree Felling - Getting Permission (212KB)

PDF Document: Protected Trees (142KB)

PDF Document: Tree Preservation Order Appeal

PDF Document: Tree Preservation Orders: A guide to the law and good practice (570KB)

PDF Document: Changes to the TPO System (England), 6th April 2012 (76KB)

Word Document: Town and Country Planning Act (1990) sections 197-214 (60KB)


Tree Preservation Order enquiry online form

Tree Management

Forest and Woodland Management


External Link: Arboricultural Association

External Link: The Tree Council

External Link: Forestry Commission

External Link: The Tree Advice Trust




Steve Dores

Senior Arboricultural Officer
Telephone: (01902) 696000
Fax: (01902) 696403


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