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War Memorials


The years between 2014 and 2019 will see the commemoration of various centenaries associated with the Great War, from its declaration in 1914; the various battles thereafter; to the Armistice of 1918 and the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. In addition, 2015 will mark the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War and 2019 the 80th anniversary of its declaration.


These will all serve to bring both wars and their memorials into sharper focus.


The definition of a War Memorial


Used by the UK National Inventory of War Memorials, and endorsed by War Memorials Trust, the definition of a War Memorial is: ‘any physical object erected or installed to commemorate those killed as a result of conflict or military service should be regarded as a war memorial. Memorials to civilians should be included. Most, but not all memorials, relate to the First and Second World Wars’.


War Memorials in South Staffordshire


South Staffordshire has at least 76 war memorials which fit the above definition. They range in form and style from village memorials, through books of remembrance to the graves of individual soldiers. Whatever form they take our war memorials all play an important role in serving as a continuing reminder of the dangers of letting any conflict between nations escalate to the point of armed combat and the massive social and human cost that is the inevitable result of this. At a personal level, every name on a war memorial was a person, cut down in their prime, and denied an opportunity to fulfil their role as a parent or to contribute to the life and development of a village. The impact of their loss can only be imagined, but each is very much to be regretted.


Further information


More information on war memorials, their upkeep, repair and restoration, can be found on the following external sites:


The War Memorials Trust – Works for the protection and conservation of UK war memorials by providing advice and information as well as running grant schemes for their repair and conservation.


The Imperial War Museum – UK National Inventory of War Memorials


Historic England Looking after War Memorials


The Heritage Lottery Fund – A number of grant programmes exist to fund groups and communities to conserve the war memorials they care about - historic war memorials funding & protection

In Memoriam 2014 – a national project to locate, log, maintain and then protect the nation’s war memorials.


The Royal British Legion Memorials




There is a free service for general enquiries on these matters


The Shoal Hill War Memorial


The Shoal Hill Joint Committee is responsible for the maintenance of a memorial to the fallen of the Great War that was affixed to an outside wall of the Church of St Saviour in 1923, which is situated adjacent to the junction of Church Lane and Poplar Lane, Hatherton – contacts:


  • Howard Medlicott – Management Consultant on behalf of Shoal Hill Common Joint Committee – Telephone: 07875 282229
  • Bob Collett – Shoal Hill Common Ranger – Telephone: 07976 226551




Telephone: (01902) 696000



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