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There is so much to organise just packing for the move that often important things are understandably over-looked. Use this checklist a couple of weeks before to make sure you've got everything covered. But beware - don't notify anyone of your change of address until the contracts have been exchanged, as the sale can still fall through leaving you with the chore of contacting everyone again.

Change of address service

You can tell many different organisations of your new address, including gas and telephone companies and government offices, by using the website 'I am moving'.

Are you moving abroad?


Start by visiting Directgov's section about settling and working abroad.

Have you contacted your council tax office?

Contact your local council's council tax office to let them know the date you move out of your current property and when you move into your new one so they bill you correctly.

If you receive benefits have you told your benefit provider?

Give your details to the local Jobcentre Plus office or, if you don't yet have Jobcentre Plus in your area, contact your Jobcentre or social security office. You can use the Jobcentre Plus link to find your nearest Jobcentre Plus, Jobcentre or social security office.

Have you redirected your post to your new address?

You can download the form from the Post Office website. It can take up to 10 days to set up and there is a charge.

Have you told the utility providers (gas, water, electricity)?

You need to tell them at least 48 hours in advance that you are moving. Pass on the details of your current supplier to the people moving in. On your moving day you will need to read the meters in both properties so the correct bills can be issued. When you move in to your new home contact who you want to supply your utilities so they can register you as a new customer and start billing you from that day.

Have you arranged for your final telephone bill and new connection at your new home?

You will need to contact your phone service provider and inform them that you are moving house and provide them with the date that you will want to end your contract with your service provider prior to leaving your current address. If you agree to transfer your account with your service provider to your new address then you may be able to transfer your existing number (excluding area code).

Have you informed your bank, building society, credit card and insurers?

You may also need to alter or cancel direct debits you have for your old home. It is recommended you contact your bank / building society in advance of your move and finalise any outstanding agreements you have.

Have you updated your driving licence and vehicle registration documentation?

Visit the Directgov web site for information on how to submit a change of address form to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

Have you updated your details on the Electoral Register?

The register is updated every month and you need to be included on it to vote. A form is available from the Electoral Commission's 'About my vote' website. You can complete the form online, or download and send it to the Electoral Registration Office which is based at your local council.

Have you told the TV licensing?

When you change your address your TV License doesnt automatically follow you. Your television licence will need to be transferred to your new address. You can do this online or by calling 0870 241 6468.

Have you decided what you do and don't want to take?

There are lots of charities that will gladly have your unwanted items, including charities that specialise in recycling furniture. Search for charities by area, name or keyword on the Charity Commission website.


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