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To deal with your requests in a timely and reasonable way, Environmental Protection Services have set a number of service standards. The standards are divided into our main service areas.  To see what these standards mean for you please see the information below

Requests for Environmental Information

We will respond to a request for environmental information as quickly as possible and will ensure that, unless the request is particularly complex, a substantive response is made within 20 working days of receipt.

  • Where a request is particularly complex and it is not possible to provide a substantive response within 20 working days, we will write to the person making the request and advise accordingly.  In these circumstances a substantive response will be provided within 40 working days.
  • If we have difficulty in understanding the information required, an officer will make contact to seek clarification, providing advice and assistance where necessary.
  • We will provide the information requested unless access to this information is restricted.  In these circumstances we will provide an explanation why we cannot divulge this information.
  • If we do not hold the information requested we will advise accordingly.  If we are aware that another authority holds the information we will either pass the request on to them, with consent, or notify the person making the request which authority we believe holds the information.
  • We will endeavour to make environmental Information available electronically, and through our website, where possible.
  • If paper copies of the information have been requested we will charge for provision of this information at 10 pence per A4 sheet.


Internal Consultation

The Service receives regular consultations on licence and planning applications from other services within the Council.

  • For consultations on applications made under the Licensing Act 2003 any representations will be made within 28 days of the application being received.
  • For consultations received from the Development Control Service in respect of planning applications we will provide a substantive response within 21 days of the date of the consultation.


Local Air Pollution Prevention and Control


  • We will endeavour to ensure that the regulation of prescribed processes in the District complies with national guidance and good practice.
  • In circumstances where formal action is being contemplated to ensure compliance with the legislation relating to the operation of prescribed processes, we will take due consideration and comply with the Environmental Health (General) Services Enforcement Policy.


Nuisance and other Pollution Complaints

If you make a complaint you can expect:

  • To be contacted by the case officer within three working days, within one working day for urgent cases.
  • To be kept informed of the progress of the investigation.
  • To be advised of the outcome of the investigation, the action taken or why no action can be taken.
  • Not to divulge your identity to the person you are complaining about, unless we agree this with you first.
  • If we are unable to assist, to direct you to any other body who may be able to help.





Environmental Protection - Enquiries
Telephone: (01902) 696000
Fax: (01902) 696222


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