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Loud Music


All of us are sometimes irritated by noise - usually other people’s noise. It can annoy us, disturb our peace and quiet, and even our sleep.


  • Noise can cause problems depending on how loud it is, how long it lasts, how often and when it can be heard.
  • All of us make noise from time to time which affects other people, and a lot of this noise can be avoided.


Loud noise from a radio, TV or stereo is one of the most frequent complaints we receive. One person’s pleasure can be someone else’s torture.


Keeping the noise downMusic Graphic


To avoid causing annoyance - or worse, follow these simple rules:


  • Keep the volume down - whether it’s TV, car stereo or home stereo - particularly in the evening and late at night.
  • Place speakers away from partition walls, floors or ceilings. Standing these on an insulating material such as thick rubber or foam can reduce transmission of sound.
  • When playing music, consider using headphones or listen to the music on a personal cd or mp3 players.
  • When you are not using headphones to listen to music, make sure the bass control is set at a low level. The ‘bass beat’ can be particularly irritating.
  • If you are playing music outside keep it to a level that cannot be heard by your own neighbours.
  • When playing music or listening to the radio in your car, make sure you keep the volume down and the windows shut.
  • If you play a musical instrument make sure you keep the volume down and the windows shut. Agree times to practice with your neighbours when you will cause least disturbance. If you use an amplifier, turn the volume down or, even better, use personal headphones.
  • If you are having a party, consider inviting the neighbours. Keep windows and doors closed, and if someone complains, turn it down.
  • Everyone expects to be able to sleep without being disturbed by noise. If you continue to play music or watch TV after 11.00pm it should not be heard in other people’s property.


What to do if you are disturbed by loud music, TV etc


Noise only becomes a problem when it is very loud, goes on for long periods, or is happening at unreasonable times, such as in the middle of the night.


Loud Music Leaflet CoverIn most cases, the best way to deal with the problem is to speak to the person making the noise and make them aware of how it is affecting you.If approaching the person doesn’t resolve the matter, then contact us.


Remember, always keep a note of when and how you’re affected by the noise. We can often make use of this evidence if you can’t resolve the problem through speaking to the other party.


You can contact us by any of the methods below.


We have also produced a handy leaflet explaining about this problem.  Click on the image (right) and it will open in a new window.



How to Access this Service


To report a noisy neighbour please complete our online reporting form.


If you have any specific concerns regarding noise pollution in South Staffordshire, please contact a member of staff using the following details:

Environmental Protection Services
South Staffordshire Council
Council Offices
Wolverhampton Road
South Staffordshire
To contact a member of staff by telephone or email, please see the details below. You can also make a general complaint regarding noise through the Pollution Complaint Form online.

Service Standards

We have adopted a set of standards for the provision of this service. You can find out more about these service standards by following the link below.




Report a Noisy Neighbour

Pollution Complaint Form


PDF Document: Loud Music


Service Standards




There are no associated costs for requesting information or making a complaint regarding noise pollution.


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Environmental Protection - noise

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