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Barking Dogs


Barking Dog

Barking dogs are the single largest type of noise complaint we receive. We spend hundreds of hours each year dealing with these complaints.


 This page sets out what dog owners can do if their dog is causing a problem, and if you are suffering because of a dog barking, what you can do to sort it out.



Why do dogs bark?


There are loads of reasons why dogs might bark:


  • excitement;
  • frustration;
  • the dog guarding you and your home;
  • boredom;
  • attention seeking;
  • the dog is scared;or
  • the dog can’t cope with being left alone.


What you can do to stop your dog barking


There are a lots of solutions to this problem. The Dogs Trust gives handy and practical advice on ways of adapting your dog’s behaviour. They include a number of leaflets on ways to control your dog’s barking depending on the cause.  Click on the image below to access their website and the leaflets.


Dogs Trust



The Government also has information on this problem (including a booklet on ways of preventing your dog barking). Click on the image below to access their website and the leaflets.






What to do if you are disturbed by dogs barking


Dogs will always bark, but it only becomes a problem when this behaviour goes on persistently for long periods, or is happening at unreasonable times, such as in the middle of the night.


In most cases, the best way to deal with the problem is to go to the owner and make them aware of how the dog barking is affecting you.Quite often, the dog will only bark when its owners are out, so they might not be aware that when they leave the house the dog starts barking.If approaching the dog’s owners doesn’t resolve the matter, then contact us.


Remember, always keep a note of when and how you’re affected by the barking. We can often make use of this evidence if you can’t resolve the problem with the dog’s owners.


What happens next?


  • Barking Dog Leaflet CoverWe’ll get in touch with you to talk about the problem in more detail.


  • If we think it’s needed, we’ll pay you a visit to see the problem for ourselves.

  • We’ll also visit the dog’s owners to discuss the problem (but don’t worry, at this stage we won’t tell them who’s made the complaint). At this point we’ll make them aware of their responsibilities not to make a statutory nuisance.

  • We’ll then let you know about our findings.


Further Information


We have produced a handy leaflet which includes the information on this page as well as our contact details, just click on the image (right) and it will open in a new window.


Should you have additional concerns regarding animal welfare the following link provides information on which agencies will be able to help.

How to Access this Service


To report a noisy neighbour please complete our online reporting form.


If you have any specific concerns regarding noise pollution in South Staffordshire, please contact a member of staff using the following details:

Environmental Protection Services
South Staffordshire Council
Council Offices
Wolverhampton Road
South Staffordshire
To contact a member of staff by telephone or email, please see the details below. You can also make a general complaint regarding noise through the Pollution Complaint Form online.

Service Standards

We have adopted a set of standards for the provision of this service. You can find out more about these service standards by following the link below.




Report a Noisy Neighbour

Pollution Complaint Form


PDF Document: Barking Dogs


External Link: Dogs Trust 

External Link: DEFRA Barking Dogs

External Link: Animal Welfare


Service Standards




There are no associated costs for requesting information or making a complaint regarding noise pollution.


Main Contact


Environmental Protection - noise

General Enquiries
Telephone: (01902) 696000
Fax: (01902) 696222


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