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The successful candidate will be subject to the terms and conditions of service negotiated and agreed by the relevant National (and where appropriate Provincial) negotiating committee and amended by local agreements as adopted by this council.  These are available from Human Resources.

Job Evaluation

The Council has undertaken job evaluation and grades for posts have been set through this process. In situations where there has been significant change in the duties and responsibilities since the previous post holder left, or if it is a new post, the grade will be referred to as "subject to job evaluation". This means that it has not been possible to carry out a formal job evaluation, which is necessary to confirm the grade.
It will, therefore, be necessary to carry out a formal job evaluation soon after an appointment is made. Usually this is three to six months after commencement when the person has had time to familiarise themselves with duties and responsibilities of the job.
If the post is not advertised as "subject to job evaluation" then it has already been evaluated and will not need to be re-evaluated unless there are significant changes sometime in the future.
For further information please contact Human Resources.

Medical Clearance

All appointments are made subject to medical clearance, this is usually via a questionnaire to the Occupational Health Unit at Staffordshire County Council.  Certain positions may require physical examination as a matter of routine; if this is necessary you will be advised by the Occupational Health Unit.


Applicants for work with the Council must declare on the application form if they are the parent, grandparent, partner, child, stepchild, adopted child, grandchild, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, nephew or niece of a councillor or employee of the Council or the partner of such a person.  Such relationships will not prevent someone gaining employment with the Council; however, failing to inform us on the application form may lead to dismissal if discovered at a later date.
Certain positions within the Council will require Disclosure checks to be made with the Criminal Records Bureau and Disclosures will be sought on all occasions for successful candidates for such posts. Further information on whether the post you are applying for requires a Disclosure, is contained in the job description.
No candidate should seek the support of a councillor or employee, either directly or indirectly, for any appointment to the Council and Councillors must not stand as referees for employees or candidates for appointment as employees of the Council.
Applicants applying on-line will be required to tick the appropriate boxes to indicate the information provided is true and accurate. They will then be asked to sign the application if selected.


References will normally be taken up on candidates prior to interview unless the applicant states otherwise on the application form.  If you are appointed, the reference will be taken up before an unconditional offer is made.

Conditional Offers

Candidates offered an appointment who are in employment are strongly advised not to give notice to their existing employer until they have been notified of their clearance in respect of medical report, references and where required CRB clearance.


New entrants to the Council will be subject to a six months probationary period on completion of which, subject to satisfactory service, the appointment will be confirmed.


Salaries are paid monthly through the Banking Automated Credit Services facility to either a bank or building society account.

Salary Progression

Progression within the salary grade is normally by annual service increments payable in April each year, subject to satisfactory service in post, until the top of the grade is attained.  Officers with less than six months in the post by 1 April will be granted and increment six months after their commencement, subject to satisfactory service. 


All employees are eligible to join the Local Government Pension Scheme administered by Staffordshire County Council.  Employee contributions are currently based on 6% of gross salary, although the pension scheme is under review and the rate may increase for higher earners in April 2008.  The employer adding a similar amount as a contribution.  The scheme provides you with an Index Linked pension and a tax free lump sum based on your final salary and Reckonable Service in the Scheme.  The Scheme also provides for early and ill health retirement in addition to death in service benefits, which include widows and children allowances. If you leave the Scheme before retirement, you have a range of options including transferring, deferring or taking a refund of contributions dependent upon where you move to and length of service in the scheme.
For further information contact Pension Services at Staffordshire County Council on (01785) 223121

Hours of Work

Full-time members of staff work a standard 37-hour week unless otherwise specified in the Job Description. Part-time employees are paid pro-rota dependant upon the hours they work.
The Council Offices are open to the public from 8.45 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.
We have a scheme of flexible working hours, which covers most employees working in the Council Offices.  There are some expectations and a few employees work under a modified scheme.  The scheme allows members of staff to fix their own working hours within pre-determined time limits, while ensuring adequate cover is available to answer enquires during office hours. 
Subsidised restaurant facilities are available for employees based at Codsall Offices and provide a wide range of meals and refreshments at competitive prices.


Annual leave ranges between 20 and 30 days per annum, dependent on salary and conditions of service, with five additional days for five years continuous local government service (excluding the Chief Executive and Deputy Chief Executive), in addition there are 13 public holiday and extra statutory days.
Grade Leave Entitlement
Grade A to F  20 days
Grade G to H 21 days
Grade I to K  23 days
Grade L to O  24 days
Chief Executive and Deputy Chief Executive 30 days
The leave year is taken from the date of commencement with South Staffordshire Council. Employee's transferring from the service of another local authority are encouraged to take their leave entitlement before commencement so as to avoid difficulties.
Part time employees are entitled to a pro-rata holiday entitlement for both annual and public holidays. Holiday entitlement in these circumstances will be converted into hours to ensure accurate and equitable arrangements are in place.

Professional Fees

One relevant subscription is paid for posts that require membership of a professional body.

Telephone Allowance

Posts which necessitate the use of a private telephone outside office hours receive payment for telephone rental and business calls.  Only those officers on the approved list will receive this payment and it will be referred to on the job description.

Relocation Package

The relocation package is available where an officer is required to re-locate at least 25 miles from their current residence.  They must live within 15 miles of their new place of work and move within 12 months of their appointment in order to qualify.  The scheme provides for:
1. Reimbursement of removal expenses, including:
a)  The cost of storage for up to 3 months
b)  Legal/Estate agent fees based on a percentage of commencing salary
i  Maximum 10 % of annual salary if property is purchased within district
(minimum of £1,000)
ii  Maximum 5% of annual salary if property is purchased outside district
(minimum of £500)
c)  A resettlement/disturbance allowance of up to £500
2.  Lodging allowance for up to 20 weeks where an officer has an existing property to maintain whilst searching for permanent accommodation.
For employees required to live in tied accommodation, costs incurred in removal expenses (outlined in 1.) will be payable as will a resettlement allowance as stated in 1c.  Full details of the package are available on request from Human Resources, Telephone 01902 696104.

Occupational Health And Welfare

The authority has developed links with Staffordshire County Council's Occupational Health Unit who provide regular screening for certain posts that are considered as `special risk', eg Display screen users, sewer operatives, employees handling hazardous substances.


The Council has an active training and development programme and is committed to providing facilities and support towards the attainment of job related qualifications.  This is supported by a Management Development Programme and other in-service training courses provided on an ongoing basis.
The Council has taken the lead in many new initiatives and was considered to be a leader nationally in the training and development of its officers and Elected Members.  An ongoing programme of training and development continues each year under the following headings:
 1.  Post Entry Scheme (Professional Qualifications)
 2.  Corporate Training Programme
 3.  Elected Member Training Programme
 4.  Joint Officer/Member Development Events
 5.  Parish Member Development Seminars
 6.  Continuous Professional Development
 7.  Management Development Programme

Employee Appraisal

The authority operates a staff development / appraisal scheme for all employees.  The scheme aims to provide a regular opportunity for personal development through annual appraisal and discussion on a one to one basis.

Equality of Opportunity

The Council is committed to equality of opportunity in employment and ensures that job applicants and employees are treated with equality.  Individuals are selected, promoted and developed in the basis of their abilities and merits against the requirements of the job.

No Smoking Policy

The Council has an agreed No Smoking Policy throughout the Council Offices and work sites.  This applies to all employees, elected members, visitors and the general public.

Interview Expenses

All candidates attending interview may claim expenses necessarily incurred.  Travel expenses will be reimbursed at 2nd class rail fare and / or bus fare from normal place of residence to Bilbrook station.
Candidates travelling by car should ascertain the cost of the return rail fare prior to interview.
In circumstances where public transport is impractical, a mileage allowance based on the lowest essential car user rate is payable.
Expenses can only be reimbursed if they are supported by a receipt.

Health and Safety at Work

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 lays down broad general duties, applicable to all workplaces, to promote and encourage high standards of health and safety at work.  All 'persons at work', whether employers, employees or self-employed, are covered by the Act which also protects the general public who may be affected by work activities.
The Council's Safety Policy is included in the Employee Handbook.  A major purpose of the Policy is to identify the risks present in places of work, to identify the relevant precautions and to indicate those responsible for ensuring that the Policy is carried out.
The Safety Policy is the blueprint on which the Council's Health and Safety at Work Policy, Organisation and Activity are based.  It is the responsibility of each and every individual employee to ensure that the safety policy is carried out. 

Travel Insurance

The Council facilitates a private Travel Insurance, enabling employees and their dependants to have insurance cover during holiday travel at an extremely competitive cost.  Further information is available from Human Resources.
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