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Our Equality and Diversity Team


We’re committed to helping to build a fairer South Staffordshire where the diversity of our local communities is celebrated and where equal opportunities are embraced.


Our organisational arrangements specifically recognise all of our roles and responsibilities. We also have a dedicated internal support team that is committed to taking the equalities agenda forward.


Leadership Strategy and Policy


The Leader of the Council, all Elected Members, Chief Executive, Deputy Chief Executive, and Directors have responsibility for the strategic direction of equality and diversity in the Council.


They also ensure equality is considered when key decisions are made that affect residents and employees.


Diversity Champions


The high level commitment to equality and diversity is demonstrated by our Chief Executive, Steve Winterflood becoming our equality and diversity champion.


Steve’s role is to promote equality and diversity and to make things happen.



Steve Winterflood



“The Equality and Diversity agenda has really moved on since I started in Local Government and we’re working harder than ever before to help make the district a fairer one”.





Steve Winterflood



Diversity Reference Group


The Diversity Reference Group (DRG) meets on a regular basis and is representative of all our service areas.


The aim of the group is to monitor the progress on the Equality Framework for Local Government, review Equality Impact Assessments (EqIA) (including checking Portfolio Service Plans decisions) sharing knowledge/ information about equality. The group is currently reviewing the new Equality and Diversity policy.


Members of the group are all responsible for advocating and promoting the equality agenda back in their own service areas.




Take a look at our Equality Champion job description which the group has developed (PDF Document 1.64MB).  


Core Diversity Reference group


The Core Diversity Reference group meets every quarter and includes the Chief Executive, Customer Services and Strategy Manager, Policy and Partnerships Manager and the Corporate Policy Officer.


They meet to discuss any blockages within the organisation and provide a reality/progress update of the equality and diversity agenda for the whole council.


Staffordshire Equality Network


We are an active part of the Staffordshire Equality Network which meets every month. It includes all authorities in the Staffordshire family group and various local partners.


We share information, best practice, discuss updates from Government, benchmark against each other, and offer support to each other if needed. Over the years we have worked together to produce joint Disability and Gender Equality Schemes.


Our Local Strategic Partnership has also signed up to a Partnership Approach to Equality & Diversity which includes baseline standards.


Our councillors


Councillors are a vital part of the equality and diversity policy process. They represent the residents from our communities and play a crucial role in meeting our responsibilities under legislation. Our member Equality and Diversity champion is Cllr Robert Reade.


Councillor Robert Reade         

“We each have a role to play to make sure that everyone’s treated fairly and have equal access to services and opportunities. Listening and responding to our residents and promoting good relations is key”






Cllr. R. Reade 


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