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Your NEW Guide to Recycling and Waste Collection 2015-17

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When will my green bin be emptied?


You can view your Waste and Recycling Calendar online.


What can I put in my green bin?


If your green bin contains any of the items listed as 'No Thanks' below it will not be emptied.


Where do I leave my green bin to be emptied?


On your day of collection, place your wheeled bin at the edge of your property with the handles facing the road. This should be no later than 7.00 am, and the bin will be returned to the edge of your property after emptying. Please do not leave bins on the footpath or grass verge as this may cause an obstruction to pedestrians.


What happens on Bank Holidays - are collections still made?


With the exception of the Christmas and New Year period, collections will be made on Bank Holidays throughout the year. The garden waste service is suspended during part of the winter. Details of the Christmas collection programme will be made available in the form of a sticker, attached to your bin in December. 

If my bin lid does not fully close, will my bin still be emptied?
For operators safety when loading, we are unable to empty bins where the lid cannot be completely closed. Please do not leave garden waste at the side of the bin as it will not be collected.
What happens if my collection is not made on the appropriate date?
A missed collection can be reported via the relevant online form or by contacting a member of staff using the details below. We will endeavour to return by the end of the next working day.

I am having problems moving my wheeled bin, Is help availableGrass and leaves2?

Please see the assisted collection page.


I have a lot of garden waste - what can I do?


Residents are entitled to an additional green bin for a small fee.  Please contact a member of staff using the details below to arrange payment.


Garden waste can be disposed of at the Household Recycling Centres. Details of these sites, including opening times and contact information can be found by following the above link.


Please do not leave bagged garden waste at the side of your green bin as it will not be collected.  Please do not overfill your green bin as if it is too heavy for the bin lifts on the collection truck it will not be emptied.


Do you issue larger or smaller green bins?


No. We only issue the standard sized green wheeled bin (240 litres).


My green wheeled bin has been damaged/stolen.


If there is a genuine reason why you no longer have a green wheeled bin, a replacement bin will be issued. Please contact a member of staff or use the online form detailed below.


What happens to the garden waste once it is collected?


The garden waste is composted into environmentally friendly soil improved and used on local farms.


New Green Wheeled Bin Request Form

Missed Collection Form
Telephone: (01902) 696203


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