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Help to keep your home warm


South Staffs Energy Advice Line call Free 0800 193 1902

Help is still available for energy saving measures for our residents. There have been a number of recent changes from the previous schemes that were running. Here is a brief summary of the schemes we are currently aware of for South Staffordshire residents along with details on how you can access them.


  • Help to insulate your home

  • Help for repair or replacement boilers

  • Help for insulating solid walls

  • Help for renewable energy


Emergency warm homes help

Emergency Warm Homes Help is available through the Council's Decent Homes Grants. Grants are available for some help towards emergency repairs or alterations in the home, including park homes and house boats. This Grant is limited to vulnerable households where other funding can’t be found dependant on monies being available. Emergency heaters are also available. Click here to find out more.



Help for Insulation and other Energy Saving Measures


Helping residents of South Staffordshire to reduce their fuel bills and the health risks of living in a cold home.


Qualified energy efficiency advisers can provide FREE, NO OBLIGATION information on all aspects of energy efficiency, from the installation of major measures like insulation and changes to heating systems to simple lifestyle changes such as resetting the heating or advice on switching energy tariffs.

We have up to date information on the latest grants and government sche

mes and can check your eligibility for free or discounted measures.  We offer a safe and easy route to a trusted and reputable installer.


Now available:

  • Funding towards Insulation. Free* or heavily discounted cavity wall insulation for all residents of South Staffordshire. (No eligibility criteria). We will arrange a free no obligation survey. Help with External Wall Insulation on park Homes is also available.
  • Heating/boiler replacements. We have secured limited funding to help towards the cost of replacing old and broken boilers, for vulnerable residents. Boilers must be broken and at least 5 years old. Home owners or private tenants. (Eligibility criteria applies - certain welfare benefits - Please see attached for criteria for the replacement boiler scheme).
  • Help with winter heating bills. You could get money off your fuel bill if you receive pension credit or some other benefits.
  • Winter Warmth. We may be able to help with funding towards low cost draft proofing or clearing lofts for loft insulation in some areas.
  • Get the best deal on your energy bill. We can check your bills, help you find the best deal and negotiate with your fuel company on your behalf.


*Funding is subject to survey and is unlikely to fund the complete works. Call us for more information.



Call South Staffordshire’s Energy Advice line on 0800 193 1902.


Funding to help with renewable technologies

Government backed funding is also available to help install renewable technologies. These are broken down into 2 types:

  • For electricity generation the Feed-in-Tariff scheme has now been running since 2010 and is still open to new applicants. Under this scheme a householder will be paid a tax-free and index-linked sum for each unit of electricity their photovoltaic panels generate. This will pay back the cost of the panels in around 10 years. Schemes are also running where your roof can be rented out for 25 years, you pay nothing but benefit from the electricity generated and the Feed-in-Tariff goes to the company installing the system.
  • For heat the Renewable Heat Incentive will now pay householders for the renewable heat they generate, instead of the fossil fuels such as oil or LPG. By installing one of the following technologies a householder will be able to claim back money that pays for the system in around 7 years. They work best for off-gas homes where a householder is considering changing their existing oil, LPG or electric heating systems. They also work best in well insulated properties, so this approach should be thought about in relation to the solid wall grants mentioned above.


Technologies include:

  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Solar thermal
  • Biomass using wood chip or wood pellet


Call South Staffordshire’s Energy Advice line on 0800 193 1902.


* This is not an exhaustive list of opportunities, and the Council recommends that you select a provider that is most suitable for your needs. The Council are aware of these opportunities through work with our partners Marches Energy Agency who have procured these offers. The Council has not vetted these providers and cannot be held responsible or liable for any problems that you may experience with the company you choose to go with.

(updated October 2015)

These offers may vary. Please contact our Energy Advice Line to clarify the offer that is presently available.



Other information


Utility Companies

Residents may be able to apply for a discount from their fuel supplier. Most utility companies now offer grants for cavity wall and loft insulation, but the amount of grant differs between companies. For more information contact your supplier.


Help for Businesses

There are a variety of grants and schemes available to businesses and other organisations. Some of them are listed here. More information can be found by contacting the Carbon Trust or by clicking here.


Other contacts

If you are keen to do something to save energy as well as money, then contact Energy Saving Trust on 0800 512 012, or visit the save energy website for more information.

Energy saving trust's grant database

Energy Saving Advice Service (ESAS) 0300 123 1234


(updated October 2015 AM)



Environmental Services 01902 696000



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