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Evidence required

Original Documents
Original documents must be provided at ALL times with regards to your application for benefit. Once these have been verified and scanned on to our computer database these will be returned to you. Photocopies of documents cannot be accepted unless an authorised officer of the council has verified them.
Proof Of Your Identity
At least two of the following must be supplied (only originals and showing the address you are claiming at):
  • Bank statements (dated within 4 weeks of making a claim)
  • Marriage or Birth Certificates
  • Divorce or Annulment papers
  • Driving Licence
  • Current Valid Passport
  • Letter from: - Inland Revenue/Solicitor
  • Life assurance or Insurance policies
  • Medical Card
  • Utility Bill (Gas, Water or Electricity that you have paid in the last three months)
  • Wage Slips from your current employer
  • DWP Benefit Award Letters.
Proof Of National Insurance Numbers
We will be required to see proof of your National Insurance Number, your National Insurance Number is made up of a series of letters and numbers and is issued to you by the Department of Works and Pensions, You will be able to obtain proof of this number on the following documentation: -
  • P45
  • P60
  • RD3 National Insurance Number Card
  • Wages Salary Slips
  • Tax Letters
  • Letters from the DWP/Inland Revenue or Benefit Booklets.
If you are unable to find confirmation of your National Insurance Number, please contact the Benefits Helpline Number 01543 464292.
If You Are Working
If you are in full or Part-time employment you will be required to provide confirmation of your current salary. To do this we shall require:  -
  • Your last 5 pay slips, if you are paid weekly
  • Your last 2 pay slips, if you are paid monthly.
Note: If you cannot provide your payslips, please have your employer complete and stamp (to authenticate that is it a genuine reflection of your current salary) a Certificate of Earned Income (73KB). You can also obtain this form by contacting our offices by telephone or written request and we will send these details in the post to you.
If You Are Self Employed
If you are Self Employed you will need to send us: -
  • Your most recent audited accounts showing all of your Income and Expenditure
  • Receipts of any transactions connected with your business will also be required.
If however you do not keep audited accounts you will be required to complete Self Employed Earnings Information Sheet - 4 page form (199KB). You can also obtain this form by contacting our offices by telephone or written request and we will send these details in the post to you.
Proof Of Your Income
Proof of your Income, we shall require as much information regarding your income as possible. Original documents e.g  any DWP Benefit award letters, State Pension award letters and written proof of Work/Private Pension, Student grant/loan letters, Child benefit/Working Tax Credits and Child Tax Credits award letters and letters confirming maintenance payments etc.
Proof Of Your Savings
All of your savings must be declared when making a claim for Housing/and or Council Tax benefit. Savings and Investments can include: -
  • Any Types of savings, i.e. Bank accounts, Building Society accounts etc
  • Any money held by you or your partner
  • Any Assets including Land, Property, Bonds, Shares, or Trusts.
Original Bank statements, Building society books, Shares certificates etc must be provided to confirm these savings and they must cover the last two months prior to your application.
About Your Rent and Tenancy
You will need to send us details with regards to your rent. We will need confirmation of how much rent you pay and what services are included within your rent, these could be anything from heating to water rates and meals.
Proof of your rent can be provided in one of the following forms: -
  • Your Tenancy agreement
  • A Letter from your landlord
  • A Letter from your letting agency
Within any of the above documents the following information must be supplied: -
  • Name and Business address of your landlord
  • Your name and address
  • How much rent you pay
  • What services are included in your rent
  • How much you pay for the services
  • The date your tenancy started
  • How often you pay your rent
  • The date you moved into your home
If you are unable to provide any of the above details please have your Landlord complete and return a Tenancy ProForma (39KB). You can also obtain this form by contacting our offices by telephone or written request and we will send these details in the post to you.



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