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Have your say on a planning application
If you live next to the site of a planning application, we will write to you directly. You will normally have at least 21 days to make your comments. If we do not contact you directly, you are still welcome to comment.

How you can get further information


If you have the application number, please go to the Planning Document Viewer to view the plans.


If you do not have the application number, you can use PublicAccess to search for applications by address.


To find out more about the planning process in general, please see our 'Planning Basics' page, visit the Planning Portal or contact Planning Aid.


How you can comment on an application


If you wish to comment on an application, please use PublicAccess.


Who can see your comments


Planning files are public documents, which means that everything on the file is available for anyone to look at or copy, including your comments. If you want us to keep your comments confidential, please let us know when you make them.


Public NoticesWhat you can comment about


When we make a decision, we can only take account of 'material considerations'. These include, but are not limited to:


    • light;
    • privacy and overlooking;
    • density;
    • design;
    • traffic;
    • trees; and
    • wildlife.

We cannot take account of factors like:


  • devaluation of neighbouring properties;
  • loss of views;
  • commercial competition;
  • the motives or behaviour of the applicant(s); or
  • boundary disputes.


We know that many of the things on the second list can be extremely frustrating. However, they aren't things we can help with, and they won't change our decision.


How your comments affect our decision


We have introduced public speaking on planning applications decided by the Planning Committee.  For eligible applications, we will contact you at least six working days before the meeting to give you the opportunity to speak at it and tell you more about the procedure.  Even if you do not wish to speak, the councillors will still be able to read a summary of your comments in the officer’s report (Public speaking at Planning Committees - A protocol) (Public Speaking at Planning Committee)


Please note that all documents on planning files are available for public inspection and copying, including any comments you might have made.


How you can track the progress of an application


You can check the progress of any application on our website (


The website provides the name of the planning officer dealing with the application, contact details for the relevant district councillors, and important dates in the application process. You can see the method we will use to determine the application and any comments from consultees including neighbour comments. Once we make it, you will also find our decision in this section of our website. 




External Link: Planning Portal

External Link: Planning Aid at RTPI


Planning Enquiries
Telephone:(01902) 696000
Fax: (01902) 696403
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