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Welcome to our walking schemes in which we have developed a range of walks suitable for everyone.  We have walks both short and long, some more demanding than others and also special interest walks.


Please read on to discover what we have to offer.  You can also download a leaflet showing a list of our walks.


Walking for Health Scheme


South Staffordshire Council has a Walking for Health Scheme that is accredited by the Ramblers (the largest national walking charity in Britain) working in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Trust.


Walking for Health walks  are suitable for everyone from those who are or have been very inactive or are recovering from illness/injury to those who want to extend themselves with a walk of up to 90 minutes where there might be some, but not difficult to negotiate,  obstacles. 


There are three levels or grades of walk in our Walking for Health Scheme and descriptions of the grades are detailed below. These are used in our schedule of led walks which is also shown below.


Grade 1 walk logo

Walking for Health Grade 1 walks

These are suitable for people who have not been very active or have not walked much before, are looking to be more active, or are returning from injury or illness. They are up to 30 minutes on flat ground or gentle slopes with mainly firm surfaces and no steps or stiles.




Grade 2 walk logo


Walking for Health Grade 2 walks

These are suitable for people who are looking to increase their activity levels. They are between 30 - 60  and may include some moderate slopes, steps, uneven surfaces and possibly stiles.




Walking for Health Grade 3 walksGrade 3 walk

These are for people looking for more challenging walks and/or seeking to increase their level of physical activity. They are generally 45 – 90 minutes and may include steeper slopes, steps, uneven surfaces and stiles.

Special Interest Walk logo
Special Interest Walks

Special interest walks are health walks with a twist. They can be as long as 90 minutes duration and may include slopes, steps, stiles and uneven surfaces. They usually include stops along the route to find out more about points of interest.

Weekly Health Walks


For the latest information on current led walks please click here or click on the link below to download the leaflet.


PDF Document: South Staffordshire Walks Programme


Progressive walk logo
Progressive Walks


These are not part of the Walking for Health scheme. Walks here are provided for those of you who feel that they can or want to accept the challenge of routes that are more demanding than the most demanding of Walking for Health walks.  They are not graded as are the walking for Health walks but a symbol will show that they are for people who have undertaken Walking for Health grade 3 walks and are now looking to take their next steps. Click here for a list of progressive walks.


To make the transition to our progressive walks easier, the first half hour (approximately) of most of them are designed to be equivalent to Walking for Health Grade 3 walks. However, they are usually more than 90 minutes in duration and are likely to include slopes, steps, stiles and uneven surfaces. They may even be something a bit different, such as fitness or Nordic walks.


Some of these progressive walks are group walks that are led by a trained walk leader whilst others are mapped walks with directions for those of you want to go it alone or with a friend or two.


Whichever type of walk you undertake, please wear comfortable shoes or boots and clothing appropriate for the prevailing weather conditions.  Walk at a pace which is comfortable for you and to get the most benefit from your walk, you should aim to feel a little warmer, breathe a little harder and increase your heart rate and still be able to talk without difficulty. Rest whenever you feel the need and do not take on a walk if you feel that you cannot complete it comfortably and safely.  



Special Note:

Many of our walks are accessible to all and are on even ground with few, if any obstacles. However, please take care when walking any of our routes because some surfaces may be uneven. Walkers use our routes and take part in led walks at their own risk. South Staffordshire Council and its partners/associates will not accept responsibility for any damage or injury to persons or property before, during and after walkers have undertaken any of the walks that are part of South Staffordshire Councils’ walking schemes.




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Visit for more information about healthy activities within South Staffordshire.









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