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South Staffordshire Progressive Walks

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To make the transition to our progressive walks easier, the first half hour (approximately) of most of them are designed to be equivalent to Walking for Health Grade 3 walks. However, they are usually more than 90 minutes in duration and are likely to include slopes, steps, stiles and uneven surfaces. They may even be something a bit different, such as fitness or Nordic walks.



Some of these progressive walks are group walks that are led by a trained walk leader whilst others are mapped walks with directions for those of you want to go it alone or with a friend or two.


The walks can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate link below.
Locality Title of Walk Miles Type of Walk Leaflet
1 Hatherton 4 miles Healthy Walk Hatherton 
1 Penkridge Paths               3.25 miles        Healthy Walk Penkridge
1 Penkridge Doorstep Walk 1.7 miles   Progressive Walk        Penkridge
1 Bednall to Acton Trussell 7.5 miles Map Walk Bednall to Acton Trussell 
1 Dunston & Coppenhall 3.75 miles Map Walk Dunston & Coppenhall 
1 Huntington to Penkridge 11.5 miles Progressive Walk Huntington to Penkridge
2 Brewood Library 3 miles Healthy Walk Brewood 
2 Coven 2.3 miles Healthy Walk Coven 
2 Blymhill 6.2 miles Progressive Walk Blymhill
2 Wheaton Aston 7 miles Progressive Walk Wheaton Aston 
3 Cheslyn Hay 3 miles Healthy Walk Cheslyn Hay 
3 Shareshill 3.5 miles Healthy Walk Shareshill 
3 Great Wyrley 6 miles Healthy Walk Great Wyrley 
3 Saredon 3 miles Healthy Walk Saredon
3 Essington 2.5 miles      Healthy Walk Essington
3 Featherstone 5 miles Healthy Walk Featherstone
4 Bilbrook and Codsall 4.5 miles Healthy Walk Bilbrook/Codsall
4 Codsall 7 miles Progressive Walk Codsall 
4 Pattingham 2 miles Healthy Walk Pattingham 
5 Wombourne Bratch Locks 1 Mile 1 mile Healthy Walk Wombourne Bratch Locks
5 Wombourne Bratch Locks 2 Miles 2 miles Healthy Walk Wombourne Bratch Locks 
5 Swindon 1.5 miles Healthy Walk Swindon
5 Lower Penn 1 mile Healthy Walk Lower Penn 
5 Kinver 2 miles Healthy Walk Kinver
5 Seisdon and Trysull Circular 6 miles Progressive Walk Seisdon 
5 Bobbington and Six Ashes 4 miles Progressive Walk Bobbington/Six Ashes 
5 Kinver, 5 stages walk 3.5 miles Healthy Walk Kinver



Walks based on the South Staffordshire Railway Walk


There are a number of walks of varying distances, which make up the series of walks based on the South Staffordshire Railway Walk. Routes contain a mixture of lanes, tracks and footpaths, some of which can be muddy or slippery in wet weather, so be prepared and wear strong comfortable footwear, and remember that even on a sunny day the weather can quickly change!


Railway Walk











South Staffordshire Railway Walk


Awbridge and Trysull Walk


A circular walk around Awbridge and Trysull (four miles)


Himley Hall and Park


A circular walk around Himley & Baggeridge


swindon canal


A circular walk around Swindon & Himley (five miles)


The Bratch


A circular walk around Wombourne Village (two miles)


Orton House


A circular walk around Orton (three miles)





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