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General Information
Total Population  4,500 (2010 Estimate)
No. Over 60 14.8%
No. Under 18 29.5%
No. BME Below 2.4%
Indices of Deprivation TBC
Area KM2 1,303
Population Density KM2 3.45
Locality One (Click for more information)
 Financial Information
Annual Budget £71,000.00
Annual Precept £60,000.00
Grants Received none
Spending per Resident £15.76
Average Council Tax Band £47.13


Download our Village Plan:


Link to a PDF document Huntington Village Plan (4.74MB) & Site Plan Scheme 4 map (631KB)




Huntington As It Is Now


Huntington is a Village rich in mining heritage situated in the heart of Staffordshire and surrounded by Cannock Chase Forest, which is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  The Village of Huntington has the A34 road running through the centre, the boundary starts near Pottal Pool roundabout and ends just before The White Lion Public House at the top of Cavans Wood.

Since the closure of the colliery Huntington has continues to develop and grow, and there is currently a major redevelopment project taking place on the old colliery site in the heart of the village, where 313 dwellings are being built along with a new Primary School.


There is a population of over 4,400 residents and this will rise as further housing development is completed and occupied the 313 dwellings planned for the former Littleton Colliery site are almost complete and the last phase is being constructed.


There are a further 64 dwellings being built on the two former Huntington Primary school sites.

The new Littleton Green Community School is now fully operational and was formally opened in October 2009.The village now has for the first time a Medical Centre and Pharmacy opened in September 2010 also built on the former colliery site.The parish council are making efforts to obtaining funding for a new Village Hall again to be constructed on the pit site.


The parish council own and maintain Littleton Leisure Park in Cocksparrow Lane .this 26 acre former colliery spoil heap was developed into a leisure park in the late 1980s and regularly has a flag of St George flying at the summit,it has become an iconic feature in the village.


Huntington is fortunate to have many amenities for a village location.



    * Bus routes to Cannock, Stafford service no1 or no74

    * Primary School (Key Stage 1 & 2)

    * Church of St Thomas  which is well attended by residents

    * Post Office / convenience store

    * Convenience store and Off-licence

    * 2 Public Houses which also serve food

    * Restaurant

    * Fish and Chip shop

    * Take away

    * There is a Community Centre, which is well used by the local

      community for various activities and is also available for private


    * Youth Centre for age 8 to 16 years old

    * The Mobile Library visits once a week

    * There is a Recreation Ground

    * Littleton Leisure Park

    * Bowling Green

    * Rugby Club

    * And various football teams from juniors to adult



Brief History Of Huntington


When in 1876, and owned by Lord Hatherton the 1^st pit was sunk

unfortunately, this flooded.  The 2^nd shaft was started in 1899 this

proved to be of not much use either but in 1902 shaft No 3 was

established and in that year produced 59,000 tonnes of coal thus making

the future of coal mining in Huntington.



In the early 1980's Littleton Colliery had an excess of 2,000 employees

at one time also producing over one million tonnes of coal in a single

year.  Sadly due to Government policy Littleton Colliery ceased

production on Friday 10th December 1993.  Thus bringing to the end the

history of Cannock Collieries and a great loss to the village of Huntington





Contact Details for the Parish Chairmen, Councillors & Clerk


Register of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests and Other Interests




Huntington CollieryThe Barns Pub & Restaurant

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